Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter time

5 inches of snow Good Friday into Saturday

Rescued Lily's

Gabriel's new friend Mason at the LL egg hunt

Get ready, get set

LL at the egg hunt

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Legoland trip

Gino had one of those calcium deposits on his eyelid and it was driving Danny nuts. He wanted to remove it for him with a sterile pin, as he has done in the past with me and Trisha. It was haunting!!!! Finally he promised "I'll take you to Legoland". A few days later it worked out that Gino was "brave" enough for Danny to remove it. I volunteered to stay home with the dogs after the big downer of "uhhhh, we can't go because of the dogs....". Anyway, the plan was set. I had a really hard time being without everyone. But they had a great time at the park. And they were able to go to the beach and the aquarium, too.

My friend Elizabeth's beautiful jewelry