Thursday, October 30, 2008

Danny's 39th
Jessi's in the back pack- she loves it! She fell asleep while I was cooking-too sweet!

Roman gets a haircut and some fun makeup by Daddy!

Finally moving next Friday, Nov. 7th- ready or not!

Gino is a green belt!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 months old

25 1/2 inches

13.1 lbs

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Renassaince Festival

Princess Jessica Louise
Watching blacksmith show
Highlight of the day- FIGHT A KNIGHT
Joust was fun, too

Built by Roman

Friday, October 10, 2008

Patricia earns her black stripe!

Before testing- no nervousness here!
The starting position for her black stripe pattern...

Wonderful job testing- 6.5 across the board! She made us all so proud. Next testing will be for black belt. Master Bosse only test for black belt once a year. She will surely be ready when the time comes. Master Bosse wants to start a Tae Kwon Do class at Mt. Charleston- that would be great! Otherwise we will be driving in to town to go to the YMCA (closer then our current class) where M. Bosse is still the instructor.

Gabriel's turn- he's 5 Oct. 4th...

Happy Birthday!
Wishing for....? More muscles???

The cake decorator... (she burned her toe with melted chocolate- ouch! That's why her toe is in the sink. It was a horrible burn. After a check at the earth clinic on line, we found EGG WHITES to be the BEST burn remedy ever. She felt better in no time after soaking for 40 min.)
Gabriel wanted a "ghost" cake (feeling halloweeny) and Trish did a great job!
Keeper of the Arms.... Our Gabriel- 5 years old! He is such a gentle, "tough" guy. So kind and loving. Just a wonderful child!

Gino turns seven- Oct. 3rd

Morning gifts....
Needed to play right away in the tub with the Lego batman gifts....
Brownie cake for Gino....
He had punch, too. He really wanted punch for his birthday in our new punch bowl! Happy Birthday to dearest Gino- making us laugh since 2001! Heart of gold and full of wit and wisdom and perfect comedic timing= Gino!
Jessica found her fingers. She has been putting 5 fingers in her mouth at one time- 2 from one hand 3 from the other! She sucks herself to sleep.

Various photos

Our friend Keegan with Jessi and Raina- he couldn't have been happier!
2 months apart
10 weeks old
Roman is getting super at building lego sets- wow!
Sporting cool new muscle shirts from the Middletons- where did Roman go? He was just in this photo?
Patricia is enjoying her Shakepeare class. Here are the scholars at the Pillar of light Commonwealth with mentor Ms. Love....
Trish doing her presentation on Witches, Fairies and things that go bump in the night She did an amazing job and her class voted her to have three 9 1/2's and a 10!!
Jessi meets Raina on the floor- too sweet!
Our friends came to town. This is Anna with Trish. They moved to Iowa.

Roman's Ninth Birthday Sept. 26

Roman turns 9! Presents in the morning....
A dream breakfast prepared by Patricia....
Nine is fine!
"Seeing stone" cake (ala Spiderwick) chocolate chocolate- made by sis again
How beautiful is he?! We love you Roman- happy to celebrate 9 wonderful years with you!

My friend Elizabeth's beautiful jewelry