Friday, April 25, 2008

Princess Julianna and Prince Gabriel

Julianna and Gabriel couldn't be more adorable.

Baseball in the park

Gabriel is a natural!
"Have you ever seen a 4 year old hit like that!!??!!"
Gino enjoys baseball- even being the catcher!! He likes it pitched fast!
Daddy hits to the field for the kids to chase!
Abu plays with the kids, too. Trish was crushing it!

Red Rock with Abu

Water fall still there.
The desert was in bloom!
Are they climbing a steep rock?
Gino felt the need to stick out his tongue in just about every photo.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jim Weiss, storyteller

We were able to meet and listen to our all time favorite storyteller, Jim Weiss! More info here.... It was wonderful! Gosh, and he's so nice! As you can see, Gino is "star struck".

Around town

The kids got a big kick out of this sign.
A very strange looking cloud. I took this through the front window and it still came out.
2008 is the year of tree climbing for Trish!

Native American Festival

Daddy was able to come with us! We watched the dancers on the grass. The sun is in everyone's eyes, but what a great time!

The kids pose by a "Harry Potter Flying Car" look a like. The Clark County museum has put several historic houses on the property and has them decorated to that time period.

Aspiring Young Author's Conference

Trish went to this conference and had an amazing time! She learned a ton of stuff and met some authors. We met up with her afterwards for the book signing. The first photo shows the kids with William Hill. He wrote the Magic Bicycle and Chasing Time which she really enjoyed. (Gino enjoyed the Magic Bicycle so much he was speechless meeting the author!)
The second photo shows the kids with Brandon Mull, author of Fablehaven 1 and 2 and others. Trish has been trying to borrow his books from the library but they are reserved until the end of the summer. So she bought them there and had Brandon autograph them for her.

Gino lost his right front tooth- the left is close behind

After much wiggling and dangling the tooth finally came out on April 14th (yesterday). The tooth fairy brought him a golden dollar. Now he is wiggling away at his left one, which should come out soon!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Red Rock

Ok, this isn't Red Rock, but Gino is hilarious!

My friend Elizabeth's beautiful jewelry