Sunday, February 24, 2008

Switch of "Grades"

Gino started his Oak Meadow First Grade Curriculum a few weeks ago. He "really, really, really, really" wants to be able to read ANY book by the end of the summer so he's also doing the Hooked on Phonics stuff. He loves the computer game and actually finished all the levels in 2 days. I have to head back out to the library so he can get the next level. He has read Bears on Wheels so many times that Gabriel has now memorized it and will "read" it too!!
Roman is now doing Oak Meadow 3rd grade and has enjoyed cursive handwriting. It's more "him". Printing lacks expression and Roman's favorite- curlie cues! He has been inspired by a friend to read the Strange Museum series and has really enjoyed them. He also made his own Field Guide. He spent hours on that project. He even let his hands get messy with paint!!
Tomorrow we will go to the library and get Trisha's other books for her 7th grade curriculum. She has been doing 7th grade reading and math but is still enjoying the "6th" grade subjects of the ancient world. She just finished an amazing project on King Tut. She wants to finish a few more 6th topics- including some biology ones in science- and start the other 7th grade stuff in April. Of course she will be all set for 8th grade in the fall- she really works efficiently. She is still working on her novel and has written several other shorter books in the mean time.
We are doing our "sit down" school year round and do less in the fall when the weather is perfect. So our school year is a little different but it works for us! Gabriel will start kindergarten in the fall and is excited. He always does his "school" anyway, mainly practicing writing letters. Trisha does a great job of helping him, too. He knows all his numbers- that's his thing- and loves to paint. So things are going good here in Six Arrows. I don't post so much about all the things they do, but I like to include all the "Life Learning" they are doing since that's not written down in a Main lesson book. They are really curious children and are a wonderful dream come true. Gosh, I love them!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Keeping a budget

We have really been trying to stay within our monthly budget and the children are finding ways to help out. Trisha (sweet, sweet girl) decided that she would do service without pay. They look for the best price at the grocery store and have really been learning so much!! It's practical math for sure! They learned about price of gas and how much gas a van uses. We skipped the last Lifelearner gathering because it would use up so much gas, (it really helped that the weather report was rainy and cold!) which would allow us to go to the DaVinci Experience for Field Trip Friday. We were able to go in with a group and get a great rate of only $5 for three of us- the other two for free. It was really neat and the children had a wonderful time. Trisha read the Magic Tree House book 38, Monday with a Mad Genius on the way there and on the way home. (sorry I made these photos so small, just click on it and it will get bigger.)

Chasing Rainbows

Today we saw the most amazing rainbow- a full, clear arch across the sky. We were in the car and the children really wanted me to go to the end. So we set out. They gave the directions. Funny, though, the closer we got, the further the rainbow went. Gino confirmed, "It's a lie". He was not happy that we couldn't get to the pot of gold. We all decided that to trick to getting the gold had to do with dimensions, or time travel or maybe even a portal. It was fun.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Roman starts Jr. waterpolo

Roman is number "8". We went to try it out and it turns out it's alot of fun- he loves it- and the coach is good, too. Roman had taken only 4 swim classes but we couldn't get in to the next class because it was already full. So we decided to give it a try with waterpolo. He did great! It's a challenge to throw and catch using only one hand but he had an assist for a goal in his first scrimmage! He had a great time. He is such a team player. He was congratulating everyone who scored. It was great to see him smiling for an hour straight!

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